Trinity Telco
Multiple Telephone Numbers on One Phone! No Data Plan Required and No WiFi required! No SIM cards! It is not VoiP either. Clone Your Phone
Twin, Trio or 25 Employee Plan from $15

Why Trinity has Twin and Trio Plans and Trinity 25 Plans?



Our Trinity is not just mere digits and it's not VoiP either!

We did it for small to enterprise businesses like yours!

No Data Plan Required! No WiFi required!

Scroll Down to the bottom of this website page to see Trinity's functionality and App screen shots. Works on iPhone, Blackberry BB10 and Android devices.

Resellers, Retailers and Agents we can wholesale Trinity to you immediately now too! Investors and Partners most welcome see our Investors page.

One telephone number can be used on two (Twin) or three (Trio) cell phone handsets with Trinity!

Get rid of your home land line and port and transfer the old household telephone number and share between spouses. Then calls to your home telephone number can ring simultaneously or sequentially on both spouses personal cell phones!

TWIN Subscriptions Monthly

TWIN  Subscriptions Annually

TRIO Subscriptions Monthly

Have More Fun in a Trio Plan for 3 partners!

TRIO Subscriptions Annually

Use One Trinity Number on 25 Mobile Devices!

Your Business and Employees will love Trinity. Use either of the next two PayPal Subscribe buttons below to get the specific quantity of employees for your company Trinity telephone #.

Qty of Employee Using 1 Trinity #
State Tel # of Each Employee


Qty of Employees Using Tel. No.


Business partners will love our Trio Plan. Up to 3 handsets can ring for just one Trinity number! Both simultaneously (for example clerks in a busy retail store) or sequentially (for example work teams or the Boss, then their administrative assistant then another subordinate etc.)

It gets even better and bigger with Trinity 25 Plan. Trinity for your company business mobile phones make the employees mobile phones ring simultaneously or sequentially or in an organized distribution call center queue up to 25 employees!

Business Lines Monthly Subscriptions

Business Lines Annual Subscriptions


Remember Office Manager. One Trinity Telephone Number can be utilized by 25 employees at the same time!

That is more than all the employees seen below (there is only 21 employees in this photo!)

Tell that to the competition!

Office Manager Photo above 

Here below are the iPhone iOS screen shots and how it works on your iPhone. 


Here below is how Trinity will work on Android and BB10 Blackberry mobile phones too!


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