Trinity Telco
Multiple Telephone Numbers on One Phone! No Data Plan Required and No WiFi required! No SIM cards! It is not VoiP either. Clone Your Phone
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Have some fun and earn some seriously great commissions.

Here is an example of a customized business card we will coordinate with you. See front and back view below...


You of course as an independent sales agent can customize and personalize your business cards and marketing material to target and tailor for your particular B2B business or B2C consumer audience too!


Plus we can coordinate customized T-Shirts for special marketing and sales promotional events as well for example below...


Become An Authorized Independent Sales Agent for just $499. Includes one day "one to one" training on our sales and customer service systems and how to best target, market and close sales in your industry vertical, segment, marketplace or field of expertise. 

The training includes a full year of Trinity TRIO service for 3 members of management team plus 22 other members of your sales team in your company and 24/7 agent support to Trinity Agent Support.

Even if your company is a 1 person thing that's OK too. The full training and benefits will get you started earning right away!

As a sales agency for Trinity you get 25 employee users of your specific Trinity Telephone number. That's a great value to support your sales efforts. Thank you!

JUST Provide your 3 Managers' mobile telephone numbers and 3 Managers' email addresses so only your managers will get any missing call messages to their email addresses simultaneously! The other 22 staff members will be able to outbound call using your Trinity number only.


Enter up to 3 Telephone #s
Enter up to 3 email addresses


Trinity Phones App is Better than the closest competitors of Rogers Unison and

T-Mobile's Digits. Your clients will agree too.



Here is all the Retailer-Dealer Support We provide!

  • An innovative new mobile App
  • FREE Trials for qualified prospects
  • Great generous commissions $$
  • 24" X 72" Promo Vinyl Banner 
  • Optional Free standing Stand
  • Customized Promo T-shirts
  • Laminate 11"X17" counter mats
  • YouTube channel videos!
  • Retail store video for DVD players
  • 25 Employee Trinity Trio Plan
  • Customized Business Cards
  • Training Marketing materials PDFs
  • quality photography JPEGs for you
  • Radio ad audio mp3
  • Prospect Database Collection 
  • 24/7 Dealer Support FAQ support
  • 1 Day video training on boarding
  • Plus...
  • Video Call Conference assistance from Trinity HQ for your key account sales presentations! via iOS Facetime video call or Android Google Duo video calling

ONE ON ONE Training by Video Conference for 1 full day for easy to learn Training for You and Your Sales Staff members..

Trinity President D. Edwards on FaceTime Image above

Our President and Founder and the entire Trinity Agent Team wants you to succeed in your independent sales agency efforts. That is why as an approved sales agent we will conduct a full day sales training with you and your team via a day long video one on one conference call.

We even include  marketing materials and a 6 foot banner for your sales office signage!






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