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Multiple Telephone Numbers on One Phone! No Data Plan Required and No WiFi required! No SIM cards! It is not VoiP either. Clone Your Phone
About us and Clone Your Phone App

Trinity Phones APP will become your most important communication APP on your mobile phone! Get 2, 3 or more telephone numbers on your mobile phone (one for home #, one for work # and one for freelancing or private discreet confidential numbers! 

The Trinity Phones App technology revolutionizes the mobile phone industry in 3 ways...

    "Clone Your Phone©

1.  YOU can now have as many different unique telephone numbers on a single mobile phone! That's multiple telephone numbers on one phone and does NOT require a Data Plan or WiFi

2. YOU and a spouse, family member or fellow employees can share the same identical telephone number simultaneously or sequentially up to 25 employee or family users and mobile devices. No Data or Wifi is required. 

3. YOU can now clone your Trinity number on to a trusted friend's mobile phone temporarily if on occasion you have misplaced or left your mobile phone at home that day. You would be able to call out on any of your Trinity telephone numbers and would be able to check missed voice mail messages temporarily from your friend's smartphone as a GUEST clone device user. No Data or Wifi is required on your Guest device or your account.

Trinity Phones democratizes your business location and puts small business owners on a level playing field with corporate giants. Rural or urbanwork and live anywhere!

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Make your smart phone smarter! Add a 2nd or multiple telephone numbers to the same mobile device. Have two or more separate telephone numbers on your mobile phone. Stay with your current cellular carrier (no need to break your existing contract) but add a 2nd telephone number via our APP for as low as $10 per month per each additional telephone # with us.

Pay monthly or get a Bonus Upgrade if you Pre-Pay your subscription annually!  Great Value!

Trinity Technology is an APP that works on any smart phone on any mobile carrier. Trinity is an Smart phone APP. Trinity encourages you to stay with your current mobile telecommunications carrier provider but please consider joining our FREE club of consumers and small business owners who we are assembling to form a giant buyers group to request better services and prices from your mobile carriers!

Thinking YOU don't need a 2nd telephone number? THINK again. Transfer your old home land telephone line to our service and it will ring on your mobile device with our revolutionary APP. Keep your old home telephone number so friends and business clients can stay in touch with you.



Online Personal and Classifieds -Be safe and don't share your own personal number with people you don't know. Provide those casual contacts or classified ads with a private number that isn't linked to you personally through telephone look up directories or searches. 

Start a freelance or part time business discreetly on your one mobile phone with Trinity!



Port over your old home telephone # to us and pay as low as $10 per month. Think how much you will save not paying the old telephone company $25, $30, $40 or $50 or even more a month!

Political organizations, social groups and not for profit organizations can use our "Call Center In A Box" service to fund raise and membership recruitment drives. Up to 25 volunteers can utilize a single Trinity telephone number on each volunteer's individual mobile phones to call outbound for your campaigns. See the Vote page below..

Attention Other Telephone & other APP Companies. We should talk and cooperate together.  We designed our systems to offer our services to your customers under your's or any private label brand. Our systems are ready to be private labelled for your company immediately under mutually equitable win win wholesale and licensing agreements.

Your existing customer base and our service is a great team offer.

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